I'm a serious book and makeup lover!!! I started this blog mainly for reviews. Here you will get to see my opinion on books and makeup that I find amazing and some that I don't really have much care for. I would love to do some product reviews as well, but we'll see. Every now and again you may even see posts about my world and family. I hope you enjoy and I hope my book reviews make you want to lost in the written world of books!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

1st she's sour then she's sweet!

So lasnight my litte girl and I were playing with her dinosaurs. Of course she named them all after the family and had them all lined up. Well, I noticed that she left "me" in the bag, so I asked her why she didn't put my dino by her and daddy's. She tells me, "because I don't love you" so I give her the sad face and tell her, "fine then leave me in the bag and throw me away" she then looks at me, takes the dino out of the bag, and says, "Mommy, I'll never throw you away. I love you with all my heart" after that she pulled out my dino, kissed it, and told it she'd never throw it away. I love her so much!!!

3 going on 30

I don't know about all you mother's out there but my 3yr old surprises me every single day!!! She is constantly saying things that I never expected her to. Like today for instance, the family was outside enjoying the weather and my daughter asks her uncle to get her chair out of her play house. After she asks him he pretends to be sleeping and then she looks at me and her aunt, flips her hair, puts her hands on her hips, rolls her eyes while shaking her head, and says quote "What a drama queen". My jaw dropped, she looked like a teenager saying that!! Then when she was walking she looks down at her legs and says "aren't they long and fabulous". I'm telling you my little girls vocabulary is better than some 20yr olds.