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Thursday, February 28, 2013

*Book Review* UNATTAINABLE by: Deb Apodaca

UNATTAINABLE (an affliction novel #2) 
By: Deb Apodaca

Author: Deb Apodaca

Book Description 
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“What’s going on?” asked Markus.
“I want to kill him!” Dean exclaimed grimly.
“Who?” asked Markus.
Then Dean jerked his head towards us as his chest expanded in and out. 
Markus turned and spotted us in the distance. He froze as his eyes landed on Shane and I. Then he began to breathe hard and I heard his heart accelerate.
“You can’t.” Markus said while staring at me with widened eyes.
“I need to kill something! Damn it Markus. I’ve never been so pissed.” Dean stopped pacing and he stopped punching the obliterated wall behind him. He looked at Shane and then back at me, then he began walking towards us in determination with his head lowered and murderous eyes focused.
“Hey! What are you doing?” called Markus as he caught up to Dean. “You can’t!”
“Screw everything. I’m killing him right now! Here! Tonight!” Dean said darkly as he closed the distance between us.

My Review


This is book number 2 in the Affliction series. I got the amazing chance to review this book, along with the 1st book back in 2011, thanks to this wonderful author!! For my review of CAPTIVATED (the 1st book in the affliction series) feel free to click HERE

(The book that I reviewed is a first edition. The second edition has about 30 pages added to it.)

I personally think that this book is the PERFECT sequel to Captivated!! I couldn't put it down!! When you read Unattainable you will finally find out the truth about the death of Deans parents and the truth about why Mindy's father left. You also find out why the vampires targeted Mindy. I LOVED this book so much and I most definitely 100% recommend that you read it!!! I know that if you've read Captivated already and loved it you will love Unattainable as well!! If you haven't then you NEED to!!! These books just keep getting better and I can't even imagine how good the 3rd book in this series will be!!  So what are you waiting for go out and get a copy of both books!!!!

In this book you get to meet new characters and find out more about characters you've already come to know a little, some you will love and some you may not. I have my favorites, among them is of course Mindy, Dean, and Markus. I have a few new characters to add to my favorites which are Elph and Violet. I don't want to say too much about the characters but I will say this, Elph is connected to Dean and he has been there since the beginning of Deans new life as a slayer with out Dean ever having a clue he was there. Violet is also a slayer who has been sent to keep an eye on Dean. I love the addition of these two characters!!!

Warning: Spoiler alert

If you do not want to hear a little bit about what's between the covers of this amazing book do not read!!

(These are my own words and how I perceived the book) 

Mindy is now living as a newly made vampire, thanks to Shane. He had orders to turn her from the clan leader, Darcel. She doesn't remember her human life, but she keeps having pain that she thinks has something to do with her human life. Her dreams are visions of her human life and she doesn't know if they're real of just a dream, but she feels like they're memories. Now, of course, Mindy is very close to Shane, due to the fact that he is technically her maker. What Mindy doesn't know is Shane is hiding her past from her, the past that she craves to know so badly. She finally realizes that she'll have to figure it out on her own. Meanwhile, Dean is beside himself, losing the love of his life was too much to handle along with the loss of his parents years before. He takes up drinking to try to numb the pain of his Lina's "death". He no longer cares for himself, not eating, not sleeping, and letting his rage take over. Markus has become close to Dean, even though, Dean doesn't know how to have someone there all the time, Markus is worried about his friend. He takes it upon himself to help Dean and tag along with him on his hunts and help improve his weapons. Dean doesn't believe Mindy is still in there somewhere, but Markus keeps his hope of Mindy not being lost inside her shell. He hopes that Mindy's true self will resurface. When Markus discovers a vampire club and goes into it he meets "the girl of his dreams" Violet. With eyes like lilac she is his perfect girl. Violet, also being a slayer, was sent to keep an eye on Dean. 
Darcel, the clan leader, wanted Mindy for one reason and now that they have her they will train her to do what others before her could not do. The clan is now in hiding due to the slayer finding their old home.
Mindy finally sees that her visions are memories and when she's around Dean her pain goes away.  

Okay so there's a little teaser for your mind. Can't really tell you much more. I really hope that you all enjoy this book as much as I did!! 

You can get the Kindle edition HERE from amazon. You can LIKE Captivated, an affliction series on FACEBOOK. You can follow Deb Apodaca on Twitter @AfflictionNovel.

I would like to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to Deb for letting me explore the marvelous world that she created!!!  You are an AMAZING author and I am so grateful that you gave me the opportunity to review not just one of your books but two!!!