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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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Summary via the TWCS website:
While on vacation, a night out turns into a drunken haze and Novalee Jensen wakes up hung over, confused and…married? Fleeing Nevada, Novalee returns home to Montana to hide out, dreading the moment when her husband will show up to take her hard-earned business. But after two years, just when Novalee thinks her secret is safe, guess who walks through her door? Now, face to face with the man she left in a hotel room two years ago, Novalee discovers the difficult part isn’t having to explain her actions that night, or the questions that arise about the sexy stranger’s arrival, it’s keeping her hands off of her husband. And what’s Novalee to do when the hardest part turns out not to be confronting her past, but facing a possible future without her soon-to-be ex-husband?

Multi-millionaire Dean Philips wakes up in a Las Vegas hotel room to find the pretty blond he married the night before gone. The piece of paper he possesses proves she served her purpose and, guilt ridden over his actions, Dean begins a battle with his father for a fight for his grandfather’s fortune. When Dean is ordered to have his wife appear in court, he finds himself in a small town in Montana looking for the woman who ran off two years ago. Caught up in secrets and lies of his own, he has to find a way to persuade her to come back to Vegas with him without having her find out that she’s the missing puzzle piece to everything he’s been fighting for. But when Dean decides to mix a little pleasure with business, he suddenly finds himself in unfamiliar territory that could cost him everything.

Friday, October 21, 2011

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*Book Review* All This and Family Too by: Sarah E. Glenn

A little about the author from

Sarah E. Glenn, a product of the suburbs, has a B.S. in Journalism, which is redundant if you think about it. By day, she works for the University of Kentucky. By night, she battles banality by writing weird stories. Several have appeared in mystery and paranormal anthologies, including G.W. Thomas’ Ghostbreakers series, Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, and Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology.

Sarah developed strong ideals from her parents, a salesman turned missionary (redundancy runs in the family) and a social worker. Her knowledge of bureaucracy and infighting stem from working in her local police department, her university, and political volunteering. She discovered Kolchak, comic books, fantasy role-playing games, and her lovely wife on her own. All This and Family, Too is her first novel

Title: All This and Family Too
Author: Sarah E. Glenn
Publisher: Pill Hill Press

Author Description

Cynthia Leach, professor of astronomy, just wants to lead a normal unlife. She believes that she can escape vampire hunters by moving away from North Carolina, but instead finds herself with a host of new problems.
Astronomy isn’t a nighttime science any more, and her department chair tries to force her to teach day classes. She rescues a runaway who soon learns too much to be discarded. Her family has moved to California with her, and the president of the neighborhood association is determined to run Grandma out of town. Worst of all, the vampire hunters are persistent ones – who have followed Cynthia to her new home.

Book Description

Adjusting to life as a vampire hasn’t been easy for Cynthia. Her partner murdered, stalked by a demented preacher-turned-vampire hunter, and forced to move across country from North Carolina to Irvine, California, Cynthia tackles undeath one battle at a time.
With the help of her devoted grandmother, trusted brother, and Josie, a distracting runaway, Cynthia comes to realize that it is not walking in sunlight that makes a person human, and living in the shadows might shed light on the things most important to her survival—family, love and controlling her thirst for blood.

My Rating

My Review

I was sent this book via PDF. I don't really like doing PDF reviews because it hurts my eyes to read it off my computer, but some I just can't pass up. I totally couldn't pass this one up!!! I was turned onto this book by a friend and I'm so glad that I got the chance to read it!! 

To be totally honest I didn't really get into this book until after the 5th chapter. I almost stopped reading it, but I'm so glad I didn't because it turned out to be really good!! So if your like me and don't get into it right away...DON'T give up because it gets so much better!!! I found that my computer would go dead a few times while I was reading it because I didn't really want to quit once I got into it. This book is a very good read!! I do recommend that if you are into vampire books that you get this one!! You can relate to the characters and some situations. It's a very realistic story, if vampires were real. I'm so hoping that there will be a 2nd book!!

This book wasn't your everyday vampire book. Cynthia Leach is like any other woman in the world, dealing with problems, getting used to a new home, a new job, and a new life. She's your average everyday woman.  Cynthia was turned into a vampire and now has to rearrange her life to live in the darkness. 

The characters in this book are amazing!! Josie, she's a teenage runaway who found herself almost killed if it wouldn't have been for Cynthia. Grandma's pretty awesome, I mean what Grandmother would accept having a vampire as a grandchild, take in a runaway stranger, and up an move for you because crazy vampire hunters are after you. Cynthia's brother, her assistant, not only has a vampire as a sister now but also dates a vampire. I love how the author didn't make Cynthia a vampire who gets turned and automatically knows what to do. I liked how she found help in her brothers boyfriend. I also love how the book had romance, humor, and some action.

If you don't have All This and Family Too on your bookshelf then you need to go and buy it!!!! 

Big Thanks for the chance to review this book!! I absolutely loved it!!

*Book Review* Imprint by: Annie Frame

Author: Annie Frame

(A little about the author)
Annie Frame is a clairvoyant medium and the author of Imprint. In a world with so many restrictions she prefers to use fiction as her platform, she finds it enables spirit to plant as many seeds as they choose and readers the choice to take or discard them at their leisure. Her work as a medium influences all she writes and she doubts anything else could be a more interesting channel for her personally.

The Book:

Paperback: 74 pages
Publisher: Vanguard Press
Author: Annie Frame
Language: English

This spine chilling book takes the reader into the realms of horror all the more believable because it seems reality not fantasy. The Imprints enter the soul of the narrator with determined power and describe each of their emotions in vivid detail. It is impossible not to be deeply involved, revolted and yet entranced at the same time as the linking of the personalities becomes apparent.

Desperation, self destruction and fear are superimposed on the beauty of the rose with its blood red petals. Each bloom shows the astral image of the various characters as their lives have been lived, giving some hope for the future and the lessons offered to the soul as it evolves to enlightenment and bewitching knowledge.

My Rating 

My Review

I was first attracted to this book because of it's cover. If you have read any of my other book reviews you can tell that, that is a must for me. The cover has to catch my attention otherwise I won't be too interested in starting the book. This book isn't very big at all, but in the pages you will open your mind to other possibilities that this author has given you. Imprint is a story that will take you on a journey of reincarnation. I for one do not believe in reincarnation, so therefore, I have my own beliefs in the afterlife. Still I opened my mind and I was impressed with how this book represents afterlife and how even after your lives end in the world your spiritual being can learn something from the imprints that you leave in the world through your living self. I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. Having to do with the afterlife and such I was a little skeptical about reading it, but I'm glad I did.This book is worth buying especially if you are into the afterlife, paranormal or horror. I must admit that I would've liked for there to have been more to read. 

Hercular Rose is at The Library of Souls in search of her Soul Journal to take her into her past lives on earth. In need to learn what past lives have to offer, following these imprints back with Hercular Rose you get to find out who and how her earth beings lived and died. Life on earth for Hercular was bitter sweet, but it all comes together to enable her to evolve in the Heaven she lives in. To understand and be shown how the lives intertwine and coincide is remarkable.

I'd like to give a BIG THANKS to Annie Frame for sending me a copy of Imprint to review. I really enjoyed it and hope you keep writing books which make others open their minds.

Monday, October 3, 2011

*Book Review* HUNGER by: Karen E. Taylor

In honor of the release of CRAVE this month, October 2011, I have reviewed Karen E. Taylor's book HUNGER, the first book of The Vampire Legacy.

 Author: Karen E. Taylor

A Little About The Book

HUNGER is a re-release of the first two books in the Vampire Legacy series, BLOOD SECRETS and BITTER BLOOD, which was released in July 2011.

"Deirdre Griffin didn't choose to be a vampire. But she is. And she's determined to make the most of her fate. For Deirdre that means surrendering to the raging hunger ignited by even the slightest whiff of blood - a hunger that pulses through her body like a fever, demanding release. It means making friends in dark places - and savoring every hot, salty, bitter, revitalizing drop of life force the night has to offer..."

(Here are the two books which make HUNGER!!)
Blood Secrets:

Deirdre Griffin is intelligent, independent and beautiful.  She is also possessed of an insatiable hunger.
Hunger for blood.  Hunger for revenge against the man who created her. And hunger for the love of a man who can accept her for what she is...

Bitter Blood:

Deirdre is drawn back into the dark and dangerous streets of Manhattan by a plea out of her past.

Once there, she discovers that she has been marked for death.  She must fight against the international Cadre of Vampires to save her life and the life of the man she loves...
This book does contain SOME adult content and SOME adult language, so parents you have been warned.

My rating for this book:


My Review

I initially wanted to review this book because of it's exquisite cover. I'm a sucker for book covers!! They say you can't judge a book by it's cover but when dealing with actual books that's how it ends up in your hand. I thought if the cover of this book had me at first glance then I can only imagine how the inside can be. So I got in touch with the author and to my surprise she agreed to let me review it. I was so excited!! It's taken me a long while to get in the mood of reading again but finally I did. So this past Friday I started reading HUNGER and, to be honest, when I first started to read it I was a little unsure if I would like it. After the second chapter I found that I just couldn't put it down!!! I was sucked in with every page I turned like it beckoned to me. I grew to know the characters as if they were a real part of my own life. If I absolutely love a book I get lost in the world that lives between the covers, and let me tell you, I was completely lost. the twists and turns in this book are breathe taking! You can try to figure it out but will never know for sure until you turn the last page and even then you're still left wondering. Karen did a fabulous job in making this book worth reading. If I could give this book a higher rating I so would!! This book just isn't a "MUST READ" it's a "MUST HAVE" so you can read it over and over again!!  I highly recommend that you buy it if you are at all into paranormal romance or vampires. The love between the two characters is like the love every woman wants but not every woman is lucky enough to get. 

I want to Thank Karen for letting me review this AMAZING book!! I can't wait to read the next and so on!!! THANK YOU!!

The next book after HUNGER is called CRAVE  which also includes her 2 books Blood Ties and Blood Of My Blood. CRAVE comes out this month, October 2011. 
To find out more about these books go to Karen E. Taylor's page.

 (WARNING: If you choose to read ahead you should know that it may be a bit of a spoiler so read at your own will)

In this book you are introduced to Deirdre Griffin, Max Hunter, Mitch Greer, Gwen, Larry, and many more. Deirdre being a rogue vampire had no one to teach her how to survive after she was turned. She's never met one of her kind, but little does she know someone of her kind is closer than she could ever imagine.

Deirdre, a Manhattan vampire, owns and runs her fashion design company, Griffin Designs. The only other person who knows what and who Deirdre really is, is a wealthy nightclub owner named Max Hunter.  Max is her closest friend and one time lover. His nightclub, Ballroom of Romance, is were he helps Deirdre find what she needs to survive.......blood. Max hand picks her victims and takes them to her, the men involved think they're in for a good time but little do they know they are her next meal. Deirdre's different from the vampires that she's read about, she never kills her victim and only takes what she needs to survive. After taking the blood she needs she glamors them into believing that nothings happened and they have never met. The workers at the nightclub seem to think that Deirdre is Max's whore. One of his workers, a doorman named Larry, is indeed smitten with Deirdre maybe a little too smitten.
When the men that she's been feeding off of turn up dead Deirdre is the prime suspect, being the last person seen with them. In comes Detective Mitch Greer to question her about the victims. How uncanny is it that the victims are all drained of blood and have fang marks. This makes Deirdre believe that there is someone just like her and this someone may be the one who turned her. Seeking revenge on the one who caused her loss and a life that she didn't want, she lets herself get close to Mitch. Telling herself that playing the part and acting like something could happen between them could get her information about the murders and the other vampire who she seeks. She finds herself having deeper feelings for Mitch than she expected.
Falling in love was not an option for Deirdre. How could she live a normal life with a human man when she is neither normal or human. In the end her love for Mitch wins.
While searching for her answers someone is stalking her and wanting something from her that she has no intention on fulfilling. Finding out that a human knows about who and what she is, is more than she can handle. If her secret gets out then she'll have to flee.
When her personal secretary and friend, Gwen, is murdered in Deirdre's apartment she has to find the killer. Finding Gwen's killer almost got Deirdre killed herself until Mitch came in and saved her life.
Knowing some of the answers that have been haunting Deirdre for years is not enough. She finds herself needing more, needing to know why.
As usual Deirdre runs from the life that she was living only to be interrupted by Mitch on her way to a different life. She doesn't think their love can work and Mitch doesn't want to listen. She leaves with an agreement with Mitch that they'll see what happens in six months and if he still feels the same then she would return. 
Off to England she finds herself working in a pub and living off the tourists and costumers. Being haunted by the one who made her what she is, living his life and hers, and struggling to keep the darkness at bay she starts to believe that she's going crazy.  What she discovers in her dreams is more than real.
Receiving a letter from Mitch, caused her to go back to her old ways in hunting and living.
With an unexpected visitor she finds herself back in New York on a mission to help Mitch. Coming back here may not have been the best idea for Deirdre but she had to come for Mitch. Being back she finds that she has a decision to make involving Max and his nightclub. She also learns that she has to face the consequences of her actions.
With her trial behind her and her ghost gone she and Mitch can now live their lives just the two of them. Even though she suspects that she may have done something that she never wished to do she finds herself with Mitch going on the trip they were supposed to take before her actions caught up with her.