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Friday, October 21, 2011

*Book Review* All This and Family Too by: Sarah E. Glenn

A little about the author from

Sarah E. Glenn, a product of the suburbs, has a B.S. in Journalism, which is redundant if you think about it. By day, she works for the University of Kentucky. By night, she battles banality by writing weird stories. Several have appeared in mystery and paranormal anthologies, including G.W. Thomas’ Ghostbreakers series, Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, and Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology.

Sarah developed strong ideals from her parents, a salesman turned missionary (redundancy runs in the family) and a social worker. Her knowledge of bureaucracy and infighting stem from working in her local police department, her university, and political volunteering. She discovered Kolchak, comic books, fantasy role-playing games, and her lovely wife on her own. All This and Family, Too is her first novel

Title: All This and Family Too
Author: Sarah E. Glenn
Publisher: Pill Hill Press

Author Description

Cynthia Leach, professor of astronomy, just wants to lead a normal unlife. She believes that she can escape vampire hunters by moving away from North Carolina, but instead finds herself with a host of new problems.
Astronomy isn’t a nighttime science any more, and her department chair tries to force her to teach day classes. She rescues a runaway who soon learns too much to be discarded. Her family has moved to California with her, and the president of the neighborhood association is determined to run Grandma out of town. Worst of all, the vampire hunters are persistent ones – who have followed Cynthia to her new home.

Book Description

Adjusting to life as a vampire hasn’t been easy for Cynthia. Her partner murdered, stalked by a demented preacher-turned-vampire hunter, and forced to move across country from North Carolina to Irvine, California, Cynthia tackles undeath one battle at a time.
With the help of her devoted grandmother, trusted brother, and Josie, a distracting runaway, Cynthia comes to realize that it is not walking in sunlight that makes a person human, and living in the shadows might shed light on the things most important to her survival—family, love and controlling her thirst for blood.

My Rating

My Review

I was sent this book via PDF. I don't really like doing PDF reviews because it hurts my eyes to read it off my computer, but some I just can't pass up. I totally couldn't pass this one up!!! I was turned onto this book by a friend and I'm so glad that I got the chance to read it!! 

To be totally honest I didn't really get into this book until after the 5th chapter. I almost stopped reading it, but I'm so glad I didn't because it turned out to be really good!! So if your like me and don't get into it right away...DON'T give up because it gets so much better!!! I found that my computer would go dead a few times while I was reading it because I didn't really want to quit once I got into it. This book is a very good read!! I do recommend that if you are into vampire books that you get this one!! You can relate to the characters and some situations. It's a very realistic story, if vampires were real. I'm so hoping that there will be a 2nd book!!

This book wasn't your everyday vampire book. Cynthia Leach is like any other woman in the world, dealing with problems, getting used to a new home, a new job, and a new life. She's your average everyday woman.  Cynthia was turned into a vampire and now has to rearrange her life to live in the darkness. 

The characters in this book are amazing!! Josie, she's a teenage runaway who found herself almost killed if it wouldn't have been for Cynthia. Grandma's pretty awesome, I mean what Grandmother would accept having a vampire as a grandchild, take in a runaway stranger, and up an move for you because crazy vampire hunters are after you. Cynthia's brother, her assistant, not only has a vampire as a sister now but also dates a vampire. I love how the author didn't make Cynthia a vampire who gets turned and automatically knows what to do. I liked how she found help in her brothers boyfriend. I also love how the book had romance, humor, and some action.

If you don't have All This and Family Too on your bookshelf then you need to go and buy it!!!! 

Big Thanks for the chance to review this book!! I absolutely loved it!!


  1. Thank you so much for the great review! And yes, I AM working on the sequel.

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